So, You Bought A Horse: What Now?

Horses are known to be one of the largest domesticated animals/pets that you can have without getting in trouble with local law enforcement or animal control. Whether you choose to raise horses for pleasure or business, it is a hard and very time consuming job. You have to have lots of land and a fair amount of time to dedicate to making sure that they are properly exercised, fed and taken care of. So, when your little girl asks you with her sweet puppy dog eyes for a beautiful new pony, think twice about the cost, consumption, work and space it will take to grant her request.

All things considered, a horse can be a great investment and an even better companion to those struggling with physical or emotional ailments. A gentle horse can provide an exercise outlet where the child, or adult, can feel in control and comfortable. Horses are often used as therapy for mentally and physically handicapped people.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that if you feel the need or desire for a horse, and have the money to spend on a horse, it will be well worth your investment.

Owning a horse is quite tough in today’s times and it’s virtually impossible to do so in big city life so unless you’re a rancher living by the countryside, it is best to drop the idea but there’s no denying that investing on a horse has its merits so if you want to give it a try, you can very well publish it on, the official website for Los Angeles Times where you can get all the details of how and what to do in this regard.

Space is probably the number one thing to consider when thinking about purchasing a horse, other than money. Not only will you need room for grazing that has both grass and a water source. If there is a natural water source, such as a stream, it is even better. If a natural source isn’t available, consider purchasing a water tank so that your horse has a way to get water without being in the barn, which brings us to the second point.

The barn, the tack room and grain and feed rooms all need to be set up before you can even bring your pet home. You should also have a spigot or hose set up for easy water access. However, you can’t just have a big empty barn with a few rooms set up and expect it to work exactly like a horse barn. A horse barn needs to have access to the pasture with doors to both hold the horses in and let them out.

However, horses are strong and strong, sturdy doors. You can find this equipment at both barn and tack shops, or through garage door installation and supply companies. Many times they will offer both traditional top opening doors as well as side by side heavy duty swing out options.

Maybe you don’t have an experience training horses. There is nothing wrong with that; however, it may be in your best interest to get the help of some professional trainers, at least in the beginning. This type of professional help may allow you to get the help you need getting started before you take the full load on by yourself.

You can find willing help in many different places. With the internet playing such a big role in society, you can most likely find someone in your area that will be willing to help you get off your feet.

Keeping the stall and horse clean can help form a special bond between you and your horse. Grooming is something that horses can’t do for themselves so it is a great way to form bonds between horses and owners.

Of course, there is much more to research and consider if you are considering making a horse part of your family. As I mentioned before it takes a lot more than just a few bucks and a little bit of time to successfully own and raise a horse. You’re in for quite a job, but at the same time, a loving and fun family member.