Sebo K1 Pet Vaccum Cleaner

Sebo is a German manufacturer manufacturing and designing a range of upright and cylindrical vacuum cleaners. Sebo’s K Series cylinder range of vacuum cleaners are compact, powerful and lightweight that shows innovation in every aspect of the design from clever tool storage to easy bag changing. It is worth mentioning that the K1 and K1 Komfort vacuum cleaners of this range were the first ever ones to achieve Good Housekeeping Institute Accreditation. As you must have guessed by now, today we have reviewed the Sebo K1 Pet Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner that belongs to the same series. Let us see if it lives up to the expectations that its cousins have created.


 Sebo K1 Pet Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner sports an innovative and intelligent design that is depicted in its each and every part. This model is available in an attractive and all favourite black and grey finishing. The handle grips are very comfortable to be held and the telescopic tubes are lightweight. Being very compact and at a light weight of 5.5 kg, the K1 Pet is very to manoeuvre around. However, since the hose does not attach to the centre of the main body of the vacuum cleaner, it tends to move sideways when you pull it along. But, it is a whiz while vacuuming the stairs. The Suction levels can be adjusted by turning the on/off button to select a different setting.

Sebo falls into the category of Hoover models when it comes to innovation technique because aside from being a reputable name, you can get the best aspirapolvere senza filo hoover to try out with an affordable price and the same goes for Sebo as well because once you get used to maneuvering, it finishes the task in a jiffy with no room for dirt anywhere in the house.

 It is disappointing that there is no button to operate the cable wind-up mechanism, instead, you have to pull sharply on the cable when you wish to rewind it for storage. Some of the other features that makes the design of this model impeccable are, the airbelt bumper system, the easy bag change and various other features makes it work with you and your home.


 Coming to durability, the Sebo Airbelt K1 Pet cylinder vacuum cleaner is constructed from the highest quality materials. Additionally, every Sebo vacuum cleaner is fully tested before it leaves the factor and hence, you can rest assured that you are buying one of the best.

Feature wise, the Sebo K1 Pet Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner is lucky enough to have a powerful motor, professional cleaning heads and a highly efficient airflow system that combine to offer you with some outstanding performance.


 As the name indicates, the K1 Pet Bagged Vacuum Cleaner is specifically designed for the pet owners and comes with the Floor Turbo Brush, Stair and Upholstery Turbo Brush along with a Sebo Clean Box carpet cleaning kit. While the Floor Turbo Brush is lightweight, compact and easily manoeuvrable; the Electric Power Head is for heavier duty situations and has cassette style brush removal and a self-closing trap door for easy maintenance.


 The K1 Pet Vacuum Cleaner sits easily on stairs and is light enough to carry whilst you are cleaning. The Stair and Upholstery Turbo Brush is an air driven rotating brush for small areas. It lifts carpet pile, gives superior fibre, hair pick up and is very easy to use. It gives the ultimate cleaning performance on stairs and upholstery. The Upholstery Nozzle fits to the end of the Crevice Nozzle to give extra reach. It makes upholstery cleaning more comfortable by reducing bending and is ideal for car cleaning.

Air Belt:

 The Sebo air belt gives the best possible protection to walls and furniture. The underlying high density foam absorbs impacts and the tough lycra-mix fabric cover prevents marking. The K machines feature soft coated wheels, and the rear of the machine sits on soft ‘feet’ rather than hard plastic to prevent floor damage. The chunky ‘off-road’ style castors are designed to allow the machine to glide easily over any type of surface.


 Clean indoor air is paramount for those who suffer from allergies, have pets, small children, or who just want a dust free home.

The Sebo K1 Pet Vacuum Cleaner fitted with three micro filters which give filtration of independently proven effectiveness. Being fitted with the Hospital Grade Filter, it achieves the ultra high S-Class filtration level. The K1 Pet also features the patented Sebo airbelt Exhaust System. Acting as an exhaust diffuser, it prevents air blast which can cause allergens to become airborne.

British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval:

 British Allergy Foundation tests found that the filtration system of the K1 Pet removes 100% of dust mite allergen and the Sebo bag system made emptying ultra hygienic. Hence, the model is approved by the British Allergy Foundation.

Triple Microfilter System:

 The Sebo K1 Pet machine features a Triple Microfilter System that includes Ultra Bag, Pre-motor Microfilter and Exhaust Microfilter.

The Ultra-Bag:

 The first and most important Microfilter is the Ultra-Bag. Unlike traditional ‘paper’ bags the Ultra-Bag uses electrostatically charged microfibers which attract dust particles from the air stream and bond onto them. Using this electrostatic principal enables a relatively open texture to the bag material which lets air flow through easily, yet traps virtually all dust particles. Hence, the Ultra-Bag gives excellent filtration and excellent suction. It will also hold more dirt than many bags which are bigger, ‘on paper’.

Pre-motor Microfilter:

 An electrostatic Pre-motor Micro filter protects the motor, as well as eliminating microscopic dust particles. On the K1 Pet, a higher specification filter is fitted which brings the overall filtration to the S-Class standard. Note that, to achieve the S-Class certification, the filtration level of the vacuum cleaner has to be better than 99.97% at 0.3 micron.

Exhaust Microfilter:

 The electrostatic Exhaust Micro filter prevents the emission of carbon dust which is generated by electric motors ensuring that the air emitted by the vacuum cleaner is cleaner than the room air.

Having scores of features, we would expect the Sebo K1 Pet Telescopic Vacuum Cleaner to offer impeccable performance, but unfortunately, it disappoints us in a few areas. Its performance on the hard floors is just excellent, but it disappoints us on carpet and the performance levels drop dramatically as the dust bag becomes full and we feel that the capacity is quite limited too.

 The main feature of the K1 pet, that is Pet hair picking is reasonable, but we have to admit that there are certainly some better models available for the pet owners and we also feel that the allergen retention could be much better. The K1 is a bit cumbersome to use on upholstery.


Sebo offers the K1 Pet five years guarantee for parts and labour; Commendable!

Sebo K1 Pet Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner’s innovative design and compactness are attention drawing. Though the set of features are very impressive, it lets us down on carpet performance. If you have timber flooring and a pet, the K1 Pet is a good choice, but if you home is all carpet, then we would recommend the Bosh or Hoover models.