Sig Sauer Whiskey 3 Scope: Amazing Design And Features

If you are looking for a quality optic and yet can be bought in an affordable rate, you are in the right place. This article will go through an impressive and scope device that can be a good investment for you. This is when Sig Sauer Whiskey 3 comes into the picture. This device has been highly recommended by professional hunters. With its amazing design and features, it is fair to say that this device is definitely worth every money. To help you get to know more this rifle, here are the best features of sig Sauer Whiskey 3.


Lens is one of the major considerations that you need to give importance to when buying a scope. Hence, Sig Sauer Whiskey 3 Scope offers the best quality lens. There are several great features of this scope. You may notice that the scope doesn’t play around when you try to see your surroundings for what it really is. Colors are usually vivid, sharper edges are held by objects, and the distance perception is non par with a lot of higher end rifle optics. All of these features are made possible through the low dispersion glass that serves as the lenses. And because of the quality glass, the layers of colors tend to look richer and full.


The riflescope of Sig Sauer Whiskey 3 Scope is usually sleek but it has a little weight near the rear that is very noticeable. You can also found the measurement knobs that are used for sighting at the top right side of the device. The good thing about the riflescope of this device is that it can be easily adjusted using your fingers. It also has an easy and smooth time to get a sight picture because of its rubber that lines the eyepiece end.


Another feature of Sig Sauer Whiskey 3 Scope is its reticle. The good thing about this device is that it can be easily navigated because of its eyepiece that is based from an European style. This feature helps and supports you with a fast and convenient time sighting in your rifle. It is also easy to follow because the reticle is made up of 2 bolded vertical and horizontal lines. With this, you can swiftly and easily find your zero and at the same time, it aids you in clearing away most of the unnecessary readings and measurement. This also provides you quality effectiveness and accuracy when firing your target.

IPX Rating

Sig Sauer Whiskey 3 Scope also holds an IPX with rating of 7. This only means that your device can withstand even the heaviest of downpours. It can be submerged in 3 feet or 1 meter of water without being damaged. The good thing about the IPX rating of Sig Sauer Whiskey 3 Scope is that it allows you to take the device wherever you go and you no longer have to worry about the rain. With this amazing device, you can be hassle and worries free when going to a shooting.


Sig Sauer Whiskey 3 has also an outstanding caliber. This device can handle 300 Winchester Magnum. When you put it on any rifle running larger sounds, you may take the risk of damaging the device to the point that you can no longer use it. This is why it is advisable to always consider the caliber of the scope when using it. This will provide you high performance and accuracy. Overall, modern long range scopes like Sig Sauer Whiskey scope should always be considered as a good investment for yourself.