Step By Step Instructions On Installing Sliding Closet Doors

Do you want to fit sliding door in your closet? That’s cool; sliding doors are stylish and space-saving. However, installation of sliding door starts with a proper measurement of your closet opening. You must get an accurate measure of the height and width of your closet to get an idea of the right measurement of your sliding door and door tracks.

Here is a step by step guide on installation of sliding doors on your closet.

Step 1

First, you will position door tracks in closet opening. If they seem to be bigger, you will have to cut them. Get your hacksaw & cut out 1-2 mm of tracks. Now, position them again. If they don’t fit, you will have to cut down them a bit again. After you have reached the ideal length, proceed to the next step.

Step 2

Get your top track & place it on top of closet opening. It should be positioned with its face downward. It will be better to do the job with a partner. Tell him/her to hold the track in proper position.

Step 3

Get your drill machines & screw set. You will drill holes on the track and then insert the screws to fix it on top of closet opening. Your partner must hold that track all through so that it does not fall down while screwing or drilling.

Step 4

Now, take your bottom track and position on the bottom line of closet. While you place the track, make sure there is equal distance between sides of top & bottom track. If there is uneven distance the door won’t close properly. So, be careful and have your measuring tape handy all along.

Step 5

Now, you will drill & screw in bottom track just as it was done with top track. Make sure to secure both the tracks tightly. However, if you have got a tiled or concrete floor, you can’t screw in your bottom track. In that case, you will have to glue it down to the floor.

Step 6

Next, it’s time to place the sliding door. But first, you will insert good quality shower door wheels on top of first door on while positioning it under top track. Ask your partner to hold your door in such a way so that it gets tilted backward. After that, you will latch your door wheels on door top onto back runner. The front runner is for your second door.

Step 7

Now, fix the wheels on door bottom while securing it on bottom track. Then, you will line bottom wheels with back runner right on bottom track. After that, gently drop the wheels into place.

Step 8

Next, you will perform the same thing with your second door. But as mentioned earlier, this time the door will be positioned on front track. After you are done securing the door, make sure both the doors are able to slide back & forth easily.

And you are done.

Sliding door installation is no big deal. Anybody with a DIY kit and little handyman knowledge will be able to do it.