The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Non Woven Shopping Bags

For so long, we have used plastic bags for our shopping needs. From public markets, malls, department stores, and other places that buy and sell things, plastic bags are the norm. However, climate change is becoming more and more of a threat, which led to calls for plastic bag bans. In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of non woven shopping bags, one of the touted alternatives to plastic bags. Without further ado, let’s start:


  1. Can be reused more times than paper bags

Paper bags are one of the substitutes for plastic bags. Unlike paper bags, non woven shopping bags can be recycled more times, since they do not break after repeated uses. Paper bags are just as equally devastating to the environment since they require more trees to create.

  1. Can be used for other purposes

Aside from being used as a shopping bag, there can be a lot more use for non woven shopping bags that are simply not possible with paper bags. They can be used to store documents for example or to keep your small belongings in one place. They can be hung from walls and doors for more functionality. Paper bags cannot be used like this since they will break down faster.

  1. Easy to customize

Custom printed non woven bags are easy to produce, as long as you have the bags themselves. For this reason, advertisers generally use non woven bags for product placements, promotions, and other advertising needs. Colorful designs with big letters are some of the most prevalent designs. Numerous printing techniques can be sued, such as lamination and sink screen print.

  1. Non woven bags are light and durable

Similar to plastic bags and paper bags, non woven bags are light, and can be as durable as plastic bags. This means that they can easily replace both plastic bags and paper bags if only those 2 factors are taken into account.

  1. Environment friendly

Non woven shopping bags can be recycled entirely, and they are also biodegradable which accounts for their eco friendly status. It is also possible to dispose of non woven bags by burning since burning them doesn’t emit dangerous smokes or contaminants. Additionally, non woven shopping bags are created without using water coating or PVC coating, which means that they will degrade better than bags that use them such as plastic bags.


Requires more time and effort to create

Unlike paper bags and plastic bags that can be created en masse with ease, non woven shopping bags requires more labor and time.

Not watertight

Depending on the material used and construction, non woven shopping bags are not water tight. As such, do not expect them to hold water inside on their own, and do not expect them to keep water from getting inside the bag either. This is one of the factors in which plastic bags and other shopping bags that use PVC or plastic coating clearly win.