Korean Fashion- Statements For The Knowledgeable Folks

There is only one thing that is the most powerful in this world because it is immortal and it is time, which is as ancient as the world itself that every living being is a virtual slave to and the ones that respect it come up triumphs while the ones that meddle with it meet with total destruction.

Time is a gift that every person aspires to have but no matter how much you get it, it is very little and never enough to fulfill all the worldly desires that human beings have, which is a crying shame.

With time comes change and it happens every 10 to 15 years like for example clothes fashion where we have seen that there are certain clothes that don’t stand the test of time while there are others that are evergreen and fit well with any time period and we are going to talk about one such fashion from a very important country on the global map.

Trendy Look

It has been found that people across the globe are getting interested to know about South Korea and its abundant culture like its movies, cuisine and, most importantly, dress sense that its inhabitants take pride on.

Hanbok is considered the traditional Korean dress that people wear in Seoul and other cities but has quite a fan following not just in neighboring North Korea but other Asian nations as well where parts of Russia, Japan, India and China are becoming fascinated with the inner wear.

It is unnerving at the influence that the entire Korean circle is having on the other parts of Asia and not just that, it is also going for the whole hog with even the far off Europe and North America.

It is enough to say that people are not only getting hooked to Korean films but also modifying their own dress culture by getting inspired by them and the fact that South Korean films are getting repeatedly remade in Hollywood is now an open secret.

Let us now look at some of the dresses inspired by South Korea so that people that are affiliated with the culture can get to know more about because it is well worth your time.

Types of Dress

  • Pajama- We’ll start with the obvious because you cannot have an entertaining night party without pajamas involved where you make merry all through the 4 to 5 hours allotted where you can wear it as a shirt with ripped jeans to make yourself look trendy while going out for a movie
  • Two Piece Wear- When you are talking about Korean dress sense, two piece wear is a rage Seoul where even Japan has become addicted to such clothes in large numbers
  • Choker- While Korean culture is quite traditional, choker is a dress that one cannot resist from trying out where you can enliven the moment and imagine yourself wearing a gold necklace with pearls encrusted from top to bottom to give yourself a retro look with dark shades to complete the picture