Good Workout Program For Beginners

Beginners should design their workout program keeping in mind the goals, personal fitness levels, and stamina they possess. The workout program for beginners should take into account the twin goals of losing fat and gaining muscle. However, the workout should not be so challenging as to demotivate the person from working out and exercising regularly. The workout program should contain a judicious mix of cardiovascular exercises and strength training besides a healthy diet plan. And if you are looking for protein shake discount codes you can follow this link here.

The emphasis should be on both because no workout program is complete without both. The workout program for beginners should also be able to help them to gradually progress along to increasing levels of difficulty and intensity. The key guiding principle behind designing a workout program for beginners should be that the program should be challenging yet easy to execute. In this article, we explore the workout program for beginners.

Building A Good Workout Program For Beginners

Guidelines For A Beginner Workout Program

A good beginner’s workout program should facilitate full body split and be composed of basic exercises with less exercise variety and more emphasis on the high frequency of exercising.

The focus of a good beginner’s workout program should be constant emphasis on progressing onto increasing scales of difficulty and challenges. The beginner workout program should be able to incorporate a challenging yet executable set of exercises with emphasis on moving onto increasing levels of progression to more advanced levels.

Goals Of A Workout Program For Beginners

Some of the goals of a workout program for beginners should be as follows. A prime aim should be to improve muscle strength, build muscle mass, stamina, and endurance. There should also be an emphasis on greater recovery capacity and working capacity.

Lastly, the form should not be sacrificed. There should be an aim for the workout program to improve bodily coordination and maintain proper form while performing the workout.

Cardiovascular Exercises

A good workout program for beginners must contain all the elements of cardiovascular exercises and training. A typical workout program for beginners should contain 3 days of cardio training. Start with about half an hour of jogging each day and use the inclined treadmill for another 45 minutes.

Vary the routine with about 40 minutes of swimming on one day and cycling for the same time on an alternate day. Cardio training will help you to be able to lose weight and gain stamina rapidly. Ensure that you are disciplined and follow the program with commitment and motivation.

Strength Training

Strength or resistance training should constitute two days of the week for a beginner’s workout program. Do squats, rows, and bench press on one day for 2 sets of 8 to 10 repetitions with 2 to 3 minutes of rest interval between the sets.

On the second day, combine overhead shoulder press, deadlifts, and pull-ups. Again, these should be performed in 2 sets of 8 to 10 repetitions with 2 to 3 minutes of rest in between the sets. This will help to build muscle and gain muscle mass.

Recovery Periods And Warm-Ups

The beginner should not move onto exercises regularly without adequate rest and recovery. Recovery is essential as excessive exercising causes muscles to tear and the repair and recovery of muscles are very essential for the body to increase muscle size and gain muscle mass.

Therefore, 2 days of the week should be devoted to rest periods where the body has a chance to recover from the demands made on it during the workout. As important as it is to recover, it is equally important to do good warm-ups before beginning the exercise in order to prevent injury and improve flexibility. Both warm-up and rest periods should form a part of the beginner’s workout program.