The Nose Knows! What is it about? Read to find out

It’s absolutely insane that Asian and African people are made to feel flawed and desire nose jobs to look “Caucasian”. You know you live in a sick world, when one race tries to look like another race to be “beautiful” or worse some people coyly claiming in a subtle self-praising pat-myself-on-the-back mode that they have a ‘white man’s’ nose or this drop of ‘european white man’s blood’ meaning inferring = they are superior/better than their pure local counterparts sans political correctness

Even more galling is the hypocrisy of so-called Politically correct non-racists who promote self pride but proceed to gush and swoon about their so called “WHITE MAN ancestor” who had “patrician features or gave them this round eye white skin or tall noggin”. At least those aspiring to have noselifts are more honest and upfront in their self hatred and desire ey without wishing to appear like an ever so polite politically correct nonracist moderate coward. When the criteria or standards to beauty are based on racial esthetics, that’s no longer beauty= that’s RACISM, or the beauty of double-talking politically correct racists or self-hating inverted racists. There’s beauty in the caucasian nose just as there is beauty in the Asian and african nose. What would Maurice White, Philip Bailey of the famous Earth Wind and Fire look like if heaven forbid, one fine day their brain goes Michael Jackson mode, and they each decided they wanted a ‘caucasian’ nose? Totally destroyed!

The thought is utterly ridiculous even it sends one into insane belly laughter just at the mere thought of it. Instead Bailey and White= choose to be and are what they are, perfectly handsome black African-americans standing tall and proud! No Thank you Ma’am african noses look fine and mighty proud and a thin caucasian nose is not the only essence or definition of beauty. What if, for me a broad nose connote beauty connoting warmth and strength and a thin nose feels too pointedly sharp, harsh, cold or rigidly imposing. And awkward would the upturned upwards flaring nostrils variety of the caucasian nose which are hot on the list of rhinoplasty jobs in Asia, making them look like factory-made clones in a very frighteningly artificial way.

Wide noses are beautiful and gives the appearance of a lion-like nose; a broad thick nose connotes power and strength, adds softness youth warmth and beauty to a face and a button rounded nose gives the appearance of youthfulness perennial child countenance. While there’s beauty in the caucasian nose, so is there in the african/asian nose.

I’m glad Bailey and White stuck to their original noses. Sure looks fine and excellent; perfectly complementing their faces. Beautiful Africans proudly embracing their heritage and handsome looks; nice to see and yet millions of other asians and africans feel compelled to alter their looks.

A sad local example of rhinoplasty= Nancy Castiglione of the refreshing doll-like countenance and cute button nose– now looking horridly wasted with her beak nose. All her refreshingly classic and childlike beauty which even beautiful caucasians or half-caucasians with tall noses could not duplicate- gone to WASTE. What a sad waste: when you remember how beautiful she used to be

Toni Braxton- had her nose seemingly thinned, gone was the cute voluptuous queenly beautiful black soul queen– in place a bleached light tannish brown that looks like a wanna-be latina or mexican , going not an inch near Braxton’s original untouched beauty in her youthful twenties. Her rounded nose perfectly matching her oval face and making her the exquisitely luscious beauty she used to be. In recent photos on “People Magazine”, Toni’s nose has a strangely thinned appearance that looked so awkward. How sad, when she was so beautiful and perfectly so, back in the early 90s in her music videos “Another Sad Love Song” or “How Many Ways I Love You” sporting a baseball cap and shortly cropped hair, like not many caucasian could carry off and manage to look that cute or beautiful. Beauty is a subjective thing; and yet even millions of caucasians with thin noses, could not duplicate Toni’s uniquely captivating beauty. Amazingly, Toni has thick lips but only Angelina Jolie became famous for having such.

And then, there are the trends of Asians or Hollywood celebrities preferring “white” girlfriends in search of that proverbial “caucasian” nose. Self-hating should we say? Which is the reason many extremely beautiful women like Toni Braxton end up ruining their nature-given looks.

And an obvious case need not stated Michael Jackson and he Consider rhinoplasty or nose surgery in Michigan to make his face look fine because he has suffered from some critical dermis disorders. He is the perfect example. What makes people think a hook nose is all that is classy or beautiful? That’s racism or self hatred, self contempt. That’s part of the masteh/colonial complex thanks to ultimo racist Kipling. There are billions of white americans europeans with caucausian noses; which would make it a natural normal thing, and yet it is paradoxically treated as a ‘status’ symbol for inversely self-hating racists.

Caucasians have their unique beauty as well as Asians and Africans do. beauty is universal and exists in variety which is something racists will never understand or self-hating inverts. Beauty is subjective and when beauty becomes a white or latina thing in the form of caucausian features, that’s no longer beauty. That’s racism and when you buy it- you are inversely racist: self loathing and self hating: putting and flagellating yourself down. So what now? Stand tall and proud, put on your spine and let the racists or self-hating colonial minds dump back their hate on themselves. For the nose knows mother nature knows best.