What Do The Experts Say About Electronic Cigarettes

Since the electronic cigarette came on the market in 2004 there have been many mixed reviews about this product with some fully endorsing it and others stating that these are harmful devices. Firstly it is important to understand that smoking and consuming nicotine in any way whether you are using traditional cigarettes or nicotine patches is going to be harmful for your body. Nicotine is a drug and should be treated as a stimulant like alcohol or other types of plant-based products that can change your current state of being.

Electronic cigarettes have been growing in popularity because it allows a conventional smoker to continue with their habit but in a more safe and is less harmful way. The problem with other methods of giving up smoking such as nicotine patches and gum is that they still leave a psychological hole to be filled. What electronic cigarettes have done is mimic the exact same action and method that you would normally receive your hit of nicotine in. This is why it has grown in such huge popularity.

Firstly let’s look at some negativity that has come from one of the biggest government regulators that FDA. This is the United States food and drug administration. They regulate all kinds of products that go on to the US market and with this stamp of approval a product can be sold freely in this country. They firstly cannot regulate these under conventional tobacco products because electronic cigarettes do not contain any, instead they have liquidised nicotine pressurised in a small cartridge. This is the first problem that the FDA have come across, secondly when testing a range of cartridges they found that some chemicals in the liquid nicotine are known cancer-causing additives. Plus there is also the fact that because these are non-tobacco products they do not come under the law of conventional cigarettes meaning that children can purchase these as well. But there have been reports of a conflict of interest as it has been alleged that some members of this governing board have some sort of relationship with pharmaceutical companies who manufacture nicotine patches.

But to counteract this, the American Association of Public health physicians actually endorse ecigs and say they can save the lives of many millions of American smokers. Also the Boston University School of Public health studied these devices in 2010 and concluded that they are safer than smoking conventional cigarettes.

Also a study by a Greek doctor called Kanstantinos Farsalinos who is a member of the cardiac surgery centre that is based in Athens reported that electronic cigarettes are no threat to the heart unlike conventional ones.

The list of pros and cons of E-cigarettes is quite long but the biggest argument is that an adult smoker is not inhaling the dangerous smoke from a tobacco cigarette. This is a no-brainer when it comes to one’s health as taking in vaporised nicotine is obviously better for you. What also needs to be considered is the failure rate of alternative methods like nicotine patches and that smokers will generally light up whilst they have a patch on their arm. This means that they are risking their lives as the amount of nicotine in the blood levels will be dangerously high.

There is however countries like the UK that are still undecided and government bodies are actually backing these devices. You will see them readily available for sale and is UK e liquid is known to be a safe or targeted due to the tight pharmaceutical regulations that govern manufacturing in this country.

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