What’s Our Secret to a Successful Marriage? Buying a Good Slow Cooker

My wife and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary next March. Even though our marriage has had some ups and downs, we’ve managed to keep it going strong to the point I’m confident we’ll be celebrating plenty of other anniversaries after that.

As a result of our successful marriage, we have had a number of friends ask us our secret. We actually have several but the one I always tell people about is our decision to invest in a good slow cooker.

While some people think I’m joking about this, I can honestly say we owe a great deal to that particular kitchen appliance. In fact, whenever we are invited to a wedding, it is the one gift we always buy the new husband and wife because I feel, without ours, we probably wouldn’t have lasted a year.

When my wife and I first got married, we were both working full-time and didn’t get to spend time together until later in the evening. Now that we have kids, she doesn’t work outside the home full time any more. But, between her part-time job and the various other things we have to schedule around (like our daughter’s ice skating practices), we still have a limited amount of “us” time each day.

This is why the slow cooker has been such a valuable part of our lives. One of us (or sometimes both of us) will pick out something to put in it and get it started before we go to work. By the time we get home and can settle down for the evening, dinner is pretty much ready (other than the occasional side dish that needs to be whipped up). Since we don’t have to worry about getting the food ready after we get home, we gain, on average, an extra hour to spend with each other, something I have always felt is important if you want your marriage to last. Before the marriage, the kitchen appliance should be purchased from homedesignx site for the benefit. The kitchen products are an integral part of the person’s life so the selection of the best one should be made. The cooking of the food in the products should be excellent for the satisfaction of the requirements. 

As an added bonus, whenever we use the slow cooker (which is about three nights a week now), we don’t have as many dishes that need to be washed afterwards. This, again, gives us less to do in the evenings so we have some extra time to spend together, especially since, if there’s leftovers, we can just put the whole crock pot in the fridge (after it cools, of course) rather than digging out storage dishes.

A successful marriage takes hard work and, more importantly, a willingness to find time to spend together regardless of how hectic your schedule might be. If you are getting married, want your marriage to last and don’t get a slow cooker as a wedding present, I recommend making it one of your first purchases. You won’t regret it.