WHO Says… E-Cigs Banned Indoors!

You’ve probably read it in the news recently – the World Health Organization has decided to call for a ban on all e-cigarette and personal vaporizer usage indoors, much in the same way as they banned regular cigarette smoking. Click here to see the complete report from WHO and see why the WHO decided to do so. 

Many e-cig users have come out in their thousands to protest against this ruling – after all, isn’t the usage of e-cigarettes actually SAVING people’s lives? With only very little research and evidence on the subject matter, it does seem a little dramatic to call for such an urgent ban… doesn’t it?

According to the news reports used in this calling for a new law, it would seem that children were on the agenda…. E-cigs apparently glamorize smoking and encourages younger people to try it. Does it? Does it really? What kid has got a spare $50 to spend on a new vape starter kit such as the VaporFi Pro? Even the cheapest of starter kits are more than $30 or so… Who are these kids that can afford this? And where are they getting their money from?

It’s the flavors that are apparently encouraging kids to start smoking using these electronic devices. The bubblegum flavors, for example, are too enticing for kids to turn down. I know if I were a kid, I would much rather spend a couple of dollars on actual bubblegum than use an e-cig to mimic the flavor.

The thing about the flavors is that it actually ASSISTS smokers in breaking the actual smoking habit. You can hardly call yourself a smoker when you are inhaling on a beautiful sleek gadget that gives you the distinct taste of apple, can you? Part of the problem with the smoking habit is exactly that – the habit. Breaking away from the generic tobacco flavors helps to break away from the habit and in the long run (and in my personal experience, plus the experiences of my friends, family, and work colleagues), these fruity, sweet and crazy flavors actually help!

Of course, the one thing that you do need to take into account is the fact that the organization has mentioned the vapor produced by these e-cigs could be causing damage just like secondhand smoke. How can you be causing damage when the only thing in the e-liquids are ingredients like VG – already used in many foods, PG – found in most medications, and nicotine?

Of course, there are brands and companies that make these vaporizers that are not doing so in a safe and secure manner, and it is exactly these that are giving the new habit a bad name. When you use a name that you can trust such as V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, White Cloud, and VaporFi, you know you are using a company that only injects the very best and safest ingredients into their e-cigs. You are using something that is safe, practical, and doesn’t harm you. In the long-term, no one can really know what effect these devices are going to have but one thing is for sure, if there are toxins present in the e-liquid, it is incredibly minimal compared to smoking real cigarettes.

I know which one I would rather risk my life with… With e-cigarettes I breathe better, sleep better, exercise more, I’ve lost weight, I’ve become much happier, and I spend less time in the rain wishing I didn’t smoke.