4 cool hacks for Flash Drive you should know

If you think your USB flash drive is just for storing your photos and videos from desktop, think again. This nifty tool can do a lot more than just backing up your computer. Do you know your flash drive can be used to lock up your computer to prevent unwanted access? Then, it can also serve as a full-fledged extra OS, added to your existing computer OS. The post below offers a brief on many such cool hacks you can try out with your apparently humble flash drive.

Lock up computer

In the contemporary digital world, it’s only natural that you would store your most of the confidential files in your computer. You may have got the device password protected. But, what if someone hacks the passcode and sneaks into your confidential files? You can’t be physically present before your computer all the time and there is no dearth of hackers around. This is where your humble flash drive will come to your rescue. There are lock security programs which you can install into your flash drive to transform it into your computer password. Once the drive becomes your password key, nobody can break into your computer without using the flash drive.

Use for additional OS

Do you know you can use the flash drive to run an extra OS, in addition to the one on your computer? Yes, you heard it right. If you wish to try out an updated OS for your computer without installing it in your PC first, the flash drive would be handy. This way, you can check the OS beforehand and reach an informed decision on whether or not to install it in your desktop/laptop. But for this, you will need a flash drive with high storage capacity, such as infinitikloud that comes with up to 500+GB storage.

Digital storage of confidential documents

Have you ever had the nightmare of losing out on your critical documents like insurance details or passport? We lead a packed life today and it’s not uncommon to misplace things. And the outcome is always messy. But you can count on your everyday flash drive here. Use it to save and store copies of different major documents in the digital format so that they are always handy even when you can’t find the physical documents. In that light, you should carry the flash drive along with you when you are traveling. Missing passports during holidays are a pretty common sight. But, if you have your passport loaded inside your drive, you won’t have to worry a bit.

Run apps on flash drive

This is another fun fact about flash drive.

Your flash drive can also be used to run apps. It could be that you wish to use an app but don’t want to spend your desktop space for it. In that case, you can simply download the application on the drive and run it at your will, without compromising on computer space.
The above mentioned facts only remind us of the classic adage- “all great things come in small packages”.