Learn More About End Cities in Minecraft

If you love playing Minecraft, then you are probably aware of what end cities are, right? These are fun places to explore on the Minecraft map and loot some amazing resources that will help you level up the game. If you are logging back in Minecraft after quite some time, then this addition will be new to you. It came along with the 1.9 version of the game which was released a few weeks back. So, you can buy a minecraft account or start a new one and start exploring End Cities. Find out more about these cities in this blog.

Where Can You Find End Cities in Minecraft?

End Cities can be difficult to find. They are not abundant and that is why you need to keep exploring in order to enter them. These are generated naturally in the outer islands of the End on a Minecraft map and the players can access their area of the End only when they defeat the Ender Dragon. Before defeating the dragon, you will need to find the floating portal which will appear somewhere near the map’s edge. End Cities are available on the larger End islands which have a lot of area available.

Many of the islands that have an End City on their surface spawn the Chorus Plants and Chorus Fruit. So if you can spot these trees, then you are probably heading towards the right direction. However, it is not always true in every case and that is why you should continue to explore the islands to find the city.

End Cities can also form in the End Midland biomes or around the End Highland biomes which are flat and large expanses of land. Once again you’ll need to explore the End’s larger islands to get access to such a city. Don’t be upset if you don’t find one quickly. There are many players who spend days before they can find one of the End Cities and loot them.

What Can You Find in The End Cities?

The End Cities have a huge amount of loot that can help you stack up your inventory. These cities have many treasure rooms which can be found scattered all over the surface area. These are usually present inside the structures one can see here. You can get hands on up to four chests in one single room that holds great bounty that you can take back. End Cities are the best place you can be if you are looking for eye-catching loot that will help you a lot. Most of these chests contain loot like iron, gold, diamond, and emerald to diamond armor and weapons enchanted with OP enchantments.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the game and start exploring your map to find out the End Cities and fill your inventory with a huge bounty from the treasure chests. Let us know where did you find one of these cities.