Better Than Wolves Mod

Some Minecrafters and individuals are trying updates for Better than Wolves Modon their mojang account. That is one of every of the hottest mods within the boards as a result of Better than Wolves Mod very helpful for enjoying Minecraft. This updater to Better Than Wolves Mod V3.6, Its a wonderful mod, right? If you wish to download and set up this Mod like different standard mods, you can see my review below.

Better Than Wolves Mod is arranged in different “Ages” that characterize totally different levels with Steve’s technological progress. Every Age in turn could also be arranged into separate Tiers that characterize in separate tasks which the players should obtain as a way to evolve to the next.

The Benefits of Better than Wolves Mod update

With a Better than Wolves Mod update that doesn’t be surprised if it introduced bugs, and ensure you have been back up your saving games before installing it.

This Better Than Wolves Mod update has been successfully fixed the many tweaks of the Mod and has been rewriting all the system which can be read to the Mod. This Mod also fixed the lens with the newest technology that is known as slats texture. And the most amazing in this Mod is it will update every day, so you just need to check it out.

The video below explains this mod.

Installing Step for Better than Wolves Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

  • Download Modloader and Install it into the folder is in the Minecraft jar
  • Download the file Better Than Wolves Mod
  • As usual copy the file into minecraft.jar folder and remember to delete the META-INF file.