Hitboxes In Minecraft: How To Activate Them And How Are They Helpful?

For the last ten years now, Minecraft has stayed to be one of the best sandbox games in the arena. There are many games, but none have garnered accolades and gamers across the globe as Minecraft has done. There are several updates in the last few years that make the game more interesting. These updates allow the gamer to play with more accuracy and also gain more advantage over others using simple tools and techniques. One of the latest things that were introduced in the Minecraft game is the hitbox in the free Minecraft account. Let’s learn more about Hitboxes and their types:

What is a hitbox?

Hitboxes are a tool that can be used in the game to approximate the boundary of a block or a certain entity. The approximation of the area that the particular thing in the game will take is useful in deciding the targeting zone or to avoid any collision. Hitboxes cannot be changed using data packs as they are all hardcoded and can be modified only using modifications. 

Types of Hitboxes

When it comes to Hitboxes, there are various that one can find in the game. Some are for all types of blocks and some are only for selected types of blocks. Most of the box gives a certain position and targeting outline of the blocks that are present in the game. Here are some Hitboxes that one can find. 

  1. Outline box: This box gives a wireframe skeleton for the block when a crosshair is pointed right at it.
  2. Collision box: This box type gives the path of the collision of certain block types. Some block does not work with collision box.
  3. Interaction box: This box type of used for targeting blocks. It can be used to place, lift, break or interact with the blocks. 

Why Hitboxes are helpful?

When it comes to the free Minecraft account it is all about building and damaging the opponent’s build-ups. Hitboxes are quite helpful when it comes to this agenda. The Hitboxes allows the gamer to check the line of the site of the blocks. It can also help in recognizing the spaces that are occupied and the empty spaces. Not only this, but the Hitboxes also let the gamer identify those parts of the blocks and buildings built by the opponents which can be damaged easily. In the game, the green boxes help in recognizes the places that can be damaged, white shows occupied space and the red gives a line of sight. 

How to show Hitboxes?

This is a new feature and, sometimes, it is becoming difficult for the gamers to activate. This can lead to problems while using the feature. And can simply put one back in the game, as the other competitors are using Hitboxes. For those who are not aware of how to show the Hitboxes, all they need to do is press F3+B for activating the Hitboxes. This is quite easy and, one can easily remember how to activate in between the game.

As mentioned, the above Hitboxes are quite useful playing the game of Minecraft. These boxes can prove to help build, target, and also in avoiding a collision.