Home Base Feel Empty? Fill it with a Family! Minecraft Comes Alive Mod

Minecraft mods are so awesome in part because they are so varied. As someone pointed out on our Facebook page, we appear to have a new rule of the internet: “If it exists, there is a Minecraft mod of it.” This is truly an awesome thing – if there’s any facet of vanilla Minecraft that you’re dissatisfied with, you can enhance it or change it completely! I’ve always found the world of Minecraft to be rather lifeless – this mod makes it its job to bring it to life.

If you’ve ever enjoyed a role-playing game (which, as a good gamer, I’m sure you have), consider the elements that came together to make it a success. Fun combat? Vital. Awesome weapons and armor? Can’t live without ’em. Crazy enemies? Gotta have something to hit!

In your time playing those games, however, I’ll bet you didn’t set aside time from your adventuring and looting to appreciate the game world. Consider Skyrim, or Fable, or Runescape, or whatever RPG lies closest to your heart. Would that game have been nearly as immersive without its vast and varied landscapes? No, I daresay it wouldn’t. And, even with a massive and enchanting world, what is that world without people? In the Alive mod, you can register at minecraft premium account. The use of the weapons in the mod is easy for the players. The experience is adventuring and interesting for the players. The playing in the games will increase the winnings to the individuals.

Ah, we finally come to it. As people, we are made very comfortable by the context of other people. A game like Skyrim or Guild Wars has a huge population of NPCs (non-player characters), many of whom you can interact with, possibly even enlisting them or buying things from them. This goes a long way to making the game world feel whole. It’s a lot easier to sink time into a game when there’s an interactive populace.

This mod focuses on one thing – bringing the savage villagers of Minecraft’s sweeping fields and steppes into the light. Minecraft Comes Alive expands the villagers’ ability to converse beyond grunts and gives them names. This makes solo play feel actually populous, and adds some really nice features besides.

You can have a conversation with a person, ask them to follow you, perform tasks for them, and shower them with gifts. Any interaction will affect your relationship with that specific person, for better or worse. If you earn the affection of an NPC, you eventually earn the option to – wait for it – you earn the option to marry them. And have kids.

This mod is awesome for multiplayer – you can marry other players and have kids with them – but I enjoy it most in single-player. In fact, this is one mod I won’t play single player without. Earning the affection of a (virtual) woman, marrying her, and having (virtual) children is a satisfying process in of itself. Even more than that, though, I just like having a populated house.

It’s true that you can have your kids do chores for you. It’s true that they’ll grow up and have kids of their own, expanding your family. More than pride or even love, however, this mod is best for adding a personal element to your game. The assorted villages throughout the world become far more interesting when there are people to talk to, and having a wife and a few kids tromping through your home base is a sweet, sweet experience.

If you’re tired of talking to your pet wolf all day, you should really look into making Minecraft Come Alive. This mod is currently compatible with MC 1.7.10.