Magenta Shoes For Women

Every once in awhile outfits need a little something extra which is why every woman needs to Find a variety of women’s wholesale clothing to meet all their clothing needs. Sometimes I feel like adding a statement piece to my outfit. Items such as a necklace, scarf, jacket, or shoes are a few examples. These items are usually eye-catching in some way whether it is the size of a chunky necklace or the color of my shoes. Shoes are an easy way to make a statement or be a little funky. They do not need to match the outfit. They only need to complement it. For example, magenta is one of my most favorite colors. I seem to be drawn to it. I was very excited to find that Kenneth Cole sells magenta shoes for women. These will definitely make a statement! I must have them! I will give you reasons why magenta shoes are amazing. I will also let you know where I found my shoes.

Statement Pieces

There are so many fun accessories or other pieces of clothing that can be added to make a statement. Many women wear jewelry to add flair to their outfits. But jewelry or statement necklaces are not the only things that can make an outfit pop. Scarves are a wonderful accessory that springs an outfit to life. A blazer or jacket can also be a statement piece.

But a great way to make a statement is as easy as an amazing pair of shoes. Shoes can be so much fun! They come in so many styles and colors. The prices vary too so it is extremely easy to find shoes that make a statement. Not to mention they are a functional statement piece.

Amazing Magenta Loafers

I found shoes in the color magenta and fell in love. Why magenta? Well because it is such a bright beautiful color. Magenta is a purplish-pink color. So I get the best of both worlds since I love purple and I love pink. It is sometimes called fuchsia. It definitely is a color that can make a statement.

Loafers are low slip-on shoes with no laces. Some styles have a decorative design made into the top of the loafer. And some have an added piece for decoration while others are plain. There were loafers that were called penny loafers. A penny could be inserted into the diamond-shaped slit on top of the loafer. Loafers are a type of shoe that I find adorable and comfortable. They can be worn for work with dress clothes. Or they can be worn with casual clothes such as a pair of jeans.

My Style

I was so excited to get my new shoes! I love the bright color. The loafers are actually extremely comfortable. I ordered my exact size and they fit perfectly. They are made of soft shiny leather. I wore them to work with blue ankle-length skinny dress pants and a blue/white striped dress shirt. The magenta shoes added eye-catching pop of color. My shoes definitely were noticed.

I do not know what it is about shoes but I love them! I have so many pairs of shoes. And I keep finding more cute styles to buy. Shoes can be flashy to make a statement or they can be more subtle with the same effect.

Where to Buy

I was searching Google for shoes and found magenta loafers by Gucci. They looked amazing but I was not going to pay hundreds of dollars for the brand name Gucci. So I started looking for something similar and much cheaper. Finally, I looked on Amazon. There I found Kenneth Cole magenta loafers. The price was affordable too. I ordered them from Amazon and they were prime for two-day shipping. I love Prime since I do not have any patience. I did not find too many other sites that sold what I was looking for.

My Opinion

My opinion is to purchase an item of clothing or accessory such as shoes that make a statement. Pieces that make a statement can add flair to any outfit. Remember to wear items that make you feel great! Fashion can be fun and affordable. Would you ever buy magenta loafers? What are some items that you wear to make a statement?