Planet Minecraft: Skins, Servers, and more!

Minecraft is such a popular game and is all over the news. Minecraft can be played on almost any device or software out there. The Interent is plenty with fan-base websites who, like World Minecraft, are entirely devoted to this universe of blocks. Here we’ll tell you all about one of them: Planet Minecraft.

We have received plenty of requests related to Planet Minecraft and it was about time we talked about this great website. So, what is Planet Minecraft?

It is a fan-created website created in 2010, with a great community base as players are able to create an account and share their Minecraft experience, and it can be accessed through any kind of device and there is no need to have the most Internet secure browser. Anyway, on this website you will find and share skins, texture packs, resource packs, mods, maps, and projects with other Minecraft fans.

Planet Minecraft, just like World Minecraft is not affiliated with Mojang in any official capacity. However, this doesn’t mean that the website infringes on Minecraft’s developers, as it solely promotes the game. Why wouldn’t they want that?

What you can find in Planet Minecraft

On this website you will find plenty of things! Planet Minecraft has some really interesting Minecraft forums with lots of active topics in which you can discuss or ask anything related to the game. It also has some interesting gallery of skins created by its users! You can find plenty of skins as well on our website in our Download Skins section where more than 1,000 skins are waiting to be downloaded for your Android, iOS, or Windows Phone device and for Mac, Linux, and Windows software as well.

Another thing that is commonly shared by Minecraft players on this website is Minecraft servers, mods, maps, and texture packs. You can find plenty of the latter and use them to custom your Minecraft experience. After all, one of Planet Minecraft’s cores is to “share our Minecraft experiences with other Minecraft fans”. I guess we also have that one in common!

One of the most crucial things about managing a huge community such as Plant Minecraft’s is to have a lot of resources invested in moderation of the social comments within its sections. In this way, websites can make sure their content is 100% safe for people to free download and navigate it, no matter the software or device.

This is why Planet Minecraft has a team of volunteers known as moderators who manage its community, with the goal to keep the site clean and your software device safe from malware threats.

Planet Minecraft is a great community-based website with plenty of content to safely download, and forums with interesting stuff to discuss.

If you are looking for a website where you can find some Hot News related to Minecraft, and where you can Play Free Minecraft Online Games on your computer or mobile device, or Download Minecraft -for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Xbox, PlayStation, Mac, Windows Linux, or any other software- you can also check out our World Minecraft website as well. Hope you appreciate all the effort our team of Minecrafters has put to WM so that everyone can enjoy Minecraft as much as we do!