Smart SEO: Conversions Over Rankings

A lot of webmasters engaging in SEO focus too much on rankings. While rankings are important for getting traffic from Google, using a method of checking your conversions is a far more profitable SEO technique to use. You can rank great for what you think is a highly targeted key phrase and bring and a lot of great traffic and for that, you can visit and learn more about it. However, the majority of your conversions may be coming from another key phrase that you are not focusing enough on. This is why it is important to look at conversions over rankings as your new SEO strategy.

What good is being numbered one on Google for a search term that does not convert into a sale? Why are you focusing on this search term when you’re making great conversions from another search term where you are ranking number five and not getting the potential traffic you could?

There are many options for free conversion tracking. You can use a program like Google Analytics that literally allows you to follow each user from the exact page they were referred to all the way down to the sale. A more primitive technique involves checking your server logs or using one of many on-site tracking scripts.

You need to be smart with your SEO techniques, it makes no sense to focus so much on rankings blindly. You need to find out which key phrases convert the best and concentrate more on them. It is not uncommon for your website to accidentally rank for a similar key phrase to your targeted key phrase. You may be getting a good amount of traffic from here which is actually what converts, not your targeted keyphrase traffic. It is vitally important to look at these things so that you know. Why waste your effort in doing SEO for the wrong keyphrase?

Tracking conversions allow you to see which key phrase performs at the highest percentage and then you know what the concentrate on. Always put the maximum amount of effort into what provides the maximum number of conversions.

This is also important because you should be continually doing keyword research for key phrases that you may not have previously targeted. If you are not tracking your conversions then you do not know which of these to drop in which to invest more time and effort in.

Hopefully, now you can see why the smart SEO tactic is to focus more on conversions than blind rankings. Sure it is great to be number one in Google for any key phrase, but are you sure it is the right and best key phrase to rank for? Tracking your users all the way from the referrer to end conversion is the only way to know for sure, and the number one smart SEO technique.