Take Paid Online Surveys: The Scoop on Greenfield Online

Greenfield Online has been a reputable name and fearless leader in the world of online market research since way back when I first became interested in paid survey sites and other opportunities to get paid for my opinions and learned How to use Profit Accumulator to earn more money online. If there is anything I am 100% sure of regarding Greenfield Online market research company it is this:

Greenfield is a legitimate market research company and in no way a scam. I’ve been an active member of Greenfield Online’s participant panel for many years and feel that they are not only one of the most sophisticated, professional and credible market research companies or “paid survey sites” as they are sometimes called out there but they are also an honest company with solid ethics they adhere to closely in their various business transactions.

After having taken probably a hundred or more paid online surveys with this company throughout the entirety of our relationship thus far, it has become abundantly clear to me that this company has an altruistically motivated mission statement and a commitment to provide the very best in market research services to properly and efficiently accommodate their clients. It is acknowledged that certain ethics and principles are crucial to the accuracy of these market research studies and a company that above all strives to stay true to the standards deserves much applause and admiration. What is unfortunate though, at the same time, is that such dedication to the science of research can occasionally exclude some of the most active and willing participants.

I say this because it seems that about two years ago Greenfield Online completely changed their mode of operation. Up until that point I would have declared Greenfield paid survey site as hands down the very best of all of the online market research companies in terms of who offered the most paid survey opportunities and even better, who the highest average cash incentive.

I can remember how I’d get no less than 2-3 survey invitations in my email inbox a day from Greenfield Online. And even better still, I’d happily qualify for each one. The payments varied with each survey depending, as expected, on factors like length or perhaps required effort. But I’d say about 95% of them offered cash incentives, usually no lower than one dollar and on a surprisingly frequent basis as high as $10 or $20 a pop.

The money would collect in your Greenfield Online Account as it does still currently and then upon your request once the minimum required balance was earned, it’d be paid out to you in the form of a check through postal mail. The surveys were interesting and fun to take, the incentives were generous and all payout requests were handled promptly and efficiently. I made quite a bit of side money with Greenfield Online paid online surveys.

But as I mentioned before Greenfield Market Research Company made some very obvious changes sometime over the past couple of years. Unfortunately for me and for reasons I may never learn of, these mysterious changes they made have resulted in an enormous decrease in my average daily Greenfield Online account balance as much as (no joke) id have to say realistically 100% less. To put it bluntly, three years ago I’d accumulate oh let’s say no less than twenty bucks a month in my lovely Greenfield account. These days, I’m lucky if I make fifty cents over a term of 90 days.

I really couldn’t tell you why Greenfield Online enforced this new means of screening panelists to determine whether or not they are eligible to proceed with each survey but I don’t think I’m the only one it alienated. And the weird thing is that this big change Greenfield decided to implement didn’t just greatly decrease the number of surveys I was qualified to take but there resulted in a very significant plummet in the frequency of cash incentive surveys offered.

That used to be all there were. Now, it was an exception to the rule to encounter incentive awarding surveys that you actually qualify to complete. No, suddenly around two years ago and still today the most commonly offered incentive is a measly entry into some sweepstakes that nobody ever wins.

Amidst all these disappointing changes, Greenfield Online went abruptly from the best paying online survey opportunity on my list to quite sadly and literally the very worst. They are still a great market research company, still set an example with their practices that other online market research companies would be smart to follow.

But the bottom line when it comes to my participation in these online paid survey opportunities is that as fun as I admit I find it to take surveys for pure enjoyment, I really only got into this hobby for the incentives. I want to be paid for my time effort and valuable insight. Cash or points toward merchandise either one is fine but these sweepstakes entries in exchange for 20 minutes of my survey taking time is absolutely not going to fly with me, not ever.

And I’m sorry to say that these contest entries are all Greenfield ever seems to offer anymore. Occasionally I receive survey opportunities worth $2-$3 or so but I have yet to qualify for a single one.

As much as I respect Greenfield Online and feel overall benevolent toward their company image, I’m afraid our relationship is over. These days as heartbreaking as it is when I see the Greenfield Online paid survey invitations in my email inbox I no longer greet them with enthusiasm and excitement. No. instead, these superfluous paid survey invitations exist in my eyes as little more than colossal space invaders sent by a rare mutation of email terrorists to clutter up my inbox and bombard me relentlessly with “strike it rich” promises they have no intention of fulfilling. Greenfield Online Market Research Company and Paid Survey Site? It’s over. Good luck and Goodbye.