Idle Heroes- Mobile Gaming at its Best with a New Generation Feel

We all recall the days of our childhood with a hint of joy and sorrow as they were such good times but the sorrow is due to the realization that those days are never going to come back again atleast in this lifetime.

Sometimes we are too busy with our lives to pay attention to anything else and this is none more evident than during childhood when the mind simply refuses to look beyond fun, frolic and entertainment which has increased manifolds with the advent of social media.

Nevertheless, that is an argument for another day as such things do not take away the entertainment quotient provided by movies and video games that has now found its way into our mobile phones due to the digital medium’s ubiquity.

New Ones

Among the many games that can be availed these days, one that stands out among others is Idle Heroes that has taken the fancy of many youngsters that were so into Candy crush saga and Grains of gold because this is more of an action adventure.

Idle Heroes is available in both Android and Apple phones due to its ever increasing popularity in the media that has now acquired a brand of its own with the passage of time.

What makes it unique is that it follows a specific process where all the players have a meaty role to play akin to the important characters in a film that makes everyone notice their performance.

The motive of the game is to instill a sense of responsibility among everyone in the kingdom which is why they are classified as heroes and they have the burden of keeping their city safe from enemies that are forever hatching plans to attack the kingdom at some trumped up excuse or the other.

Given the diversity of the game, it is only but natural that gaming aficionados would have their own favorites and so let us now look at some of the best heroes in Idle Heroes so that readers might get an idea of which one to choose when they are playing their own game.

True Warriors

Some of the best heroes that you can find in any game can be found in Idle Heroes which is why it is so popular a game and relatable to one and all that aspire to become like them in real life.

They are as follows:

  • Aidan-

The leader of all the heroes which is why he is the first in the list as he is considered the shadow of all the others in the team while the others look up to him for instructions

  • Baade-

The second in command in the team and one of the most prominent warriors that can be summoned through scrolls and when a friend is in danger which is why he has acquired cult status among others and never shies away from perilous missions involving strong enemies but is still a polarizing character

  • Blood Blade-

A strong warrior in the ranks and is capable of fighting atleast 20 enemies at once and if it involves Ranger, the damages have to be seen to be beholden that are capable of bleeding the target without firing a single bullet

  • Dominator-

As the name suggests, a dominating warrior that is assigned to tackle enemies that are in the backline instead of frontline because they are well aware of the enemy ranks from top to bottom and attack the base at the right opportunity

  • Horus-

He is capable of firing numerous rounds by throwing the enemy off guard while simultaneously protecting his own troupe by acting as the shield