Too Many Items Minecraft Mod – Know About Them

What is the most popular mod on minecraft game? its easy to answer and most people says with same answer, yes its too many items minecraft mod. This mod veey popular since 1.2 version, with this mod the game is more easily that don’t use this mod. What happen when you create a building and structure when your resource limited? its can be solve with too many item mods. With this mod don’t need to exit the game to create and delete the selected items,becuse you can do it on the game. Yo also can add items to up to 7 bag/inventories and with unlimited tools and stack. When you have unused item, you can place them on the trash. This mod work well on many mode game like singleplayer and multiplayers, but some people use them on creative mode game and survival mode and all of this is work well. This mods compatibility with Zombe’s Mod Pack and ConvenientInventory and its really fun. below is too many items mods screenshot:

You can see that many inventory you can use on the game, its really awesome and make the game easily. This wonderful mods created by minecraft forum with ID Marglyph, all of copyright is of them.

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How To Install Too Many Items Minecraft Mod 1.9 For Windows:

I want to explain step by step to install this, but its not worth because majority people will be happy when tutorial on video, because learn from video better than from text. So i will be give for you, below is video tutorial install too many items mods:

Too Many Items Mod Minecraft 1.9 Hotkeys:

This mod have a shortcut to make the operation fast, below is the hotkeys:

Type “O” to turn on/off

Shift+Click for unlimited

Below is Link To Download (Always Update)

Download for 1.9pre

Download for 1.8.1 / 1.8