The American Mastiff Dog Breed

Being of the Molosser dog breed, the American Mastiff is a large and sturdy dog with a headstrong personality. This breed is a mix of the ancient Anatolian Mastiff and English Mastiff, with the thought of having the perfect large family dog in mind. This breed is actually semi new and there are a few dog owners that don’t know that it exists. Read all about this strong breed and how they are one of the perfect mastiffs for friendship.


This dog can be massive, they are very muscled and their heights go up to thirty six inches. Their weight is probably one of the heftiest of large dog breeds, as they can up to two hundred pounds, depending on their size. They have a wide head and mouth with normally floppy ears unless they have been docked. They come in colors of fawn, tawny, brindle, sable, and sometimes all black or grey. Being a wide dog, they need plenty of space in the home with their own large dog bed in their own corner of the house.


This dog can strike fear into people because of their unapproachable looks, but this is not the case at all and the dog may be protective of its family but if trained correctly will not harm new animals and people. They enjoy children and will treat them with a gentle air, even watching over them. Since being loyal and tender, these dogs are becoming increasingly popular for large families with a number of children. Overall, American Mastiffs have sympathy, pleasantry, and dignity.


Due to their short coat, grooming is not much of a hassle, only when it comes to bath time. Due to their size, it can be more appropriate if they are washed outside in a big tin bath. They don’t mind baths so much so washing them can be a cinch as they will await the time to get out. When it comes to brushing, a normal bristle brush can help stop some minor shedding.


The American mastiff dog breed is one of the smartest breeds of dogs. They are very easy to train and they can easily pick up whatever it is that you are teaching them as long as you are using the right training tools such as barx buddy.


American Mastiffs can live up to twelve years in a good healthy condition. Inclining to be lazy, they need to be pepped up before they can go out for their daily walk. They do not usually have any genetic problems except for some hip issues later in age, which can be helped with some arthritis medicine if it gets worse in time.

American Mastiffs are a wonderful breed for a family looking for a huge protective dog. They enjoy the company of masters and will live a happy and magnificent life with those that they love.