Kindle 3g Vs Wifi Review

A lot of people are looking for kindle 3g vs wifi review, so i thought i’d give mine.

My wife wanted a kindle for the longest time, so I bought her one this past Christmas 2010. Doing my own research and reviewing the kindle myself, I went round and round with myself as to which one to get her. First, for anyone who doesn’t have a kindle (which i would be shocked if you didn’t) lets look at the difference between the 2.

3 G version are available in 2 colors only, graphite and white. WiFi is available in graphite only. The 3G mobile connection gives you access in over 100 countries. The WiFi option allows you to access the internet and the Kindle store.

Now the Wifi option is cheaper than the 3G option, at $139 not bad at all. The 3G verision is $189. I was going to get her the wifi version, however she told me around thanksgiving she wanted to go back to school and take some online classes in 2011. My wife isn’t really and web surfer, most of the time she just checks her email and watches videos on youtube. However, I decided to get her the 3G version so if she is out and needed the internet for a research project she will be able to.

I have to say that was a great investment, because often times she does have to check her email more frequently, being she’s taking online classes, she corresponds with her instructors through email. So she doesn’t have find a computer, or rush home to check her email to get her next assignment or have a question answered.

The kindle itself is smaller than what I thought, its very slim and sleek which is a good thing because its easier to manage and carry around. As a matter of fact it can fit in your back pocket, but its not so small that you can see the text on it. Even if the text is too small there is an option to make the text bigger, also I have no idea how they do it, but there is absolutely no glare. The buttons are easily manageable and easy to navigate, my wife has told me many times when she’s using her kindle on her lunch break, so many of her co-workers are asking questions about it and say how much they want one. So in my opinion, either version is good, you just have figure out what option is best for you and for what your using it for. The selection of the wifi should be excellent with the checking of the superboost wifi reviews at online websites. A top model should be selected through the person with strong password. The purchase of the best option should be done through the person. The charges will be under the funds of the person. 

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