Top 5 Hidden Tips For Pokemon Go Advanced Players

No doubt, Pokémon Go has gained huge popularity these days due to its unique genre and advanced features. It is a location-based game which is loved by people of all age groups. In this game, players can catch virtual pokemon by searching in real places, including community’s churches, parks, markets and parks. The game also has a lot of amazing features to offer which are making it interesting and more addictive. It is easy to play the game, but you may take time to learn about some concepts. 

In order to get started, you need to create an account on Pokémon Go. After this, you need to create your character and start searching for pokemon in the real world. With the help of the map, you can track down pokemon that you can catch by using poke balls. After collecting a range of pokemon, you can use them for battles. Usually, Pokémon face off one-on-one and make use of two different attacks. They can make a low-damage light attack or unleash a special attack. During the battles, your pokemon can be healed and revived by making use of potions and revives. They can acquire revives and potions by visiting pokestops. 

There are many other details which you need to know about the game to play it like a pro. Players should try to get ready, so they can visit different locations and collect pokemon. They can also replenish the essential items, including Pokeballs. The gym and raid battles are out there, and you can take part in them to get amazing rewards. The game provides some instructions at the beginning on the nuances of pokemon catching, collecting and evolving. Try to learn the basics and all about the battles to perform better. Here we are also going to provide mention with the top best tips and tricks for Pokemon Go fanatics – 

  • Never power up your pokemon right away 

When you begin to play Pokemon Go, it is difficult to know what you should do after catching a pokemon. In this situation, you should consider the expert’s tips; otherwise, you may affect your overall performance in the game. Most players are trying to make the pokemon as powerful as possible. Even beginners are doing the same, which is not good. They shouldn’t power up or evolve the pokemon right away. As you know, powering up a pokemon require stardust and candy. If you are spending all of them for powering up the pokemon, then you may face issues when you want to evolve the same. 

  • Try to save up your lucky eggs 

If you are playing Pokemon Go, then you may have heard about lucky eggs which are the most important in-game items. These eggs can give you double XP for 30 minutes so you should use them smartly. At early stages, you can collect more lucky eggs, but later they become much rarer. You should always try to save up your lucky eggs for the right time. Always make use of these eggs where there is a high density of pokemon and pokestops. With the help of considering this effective tip, you can easily improvise the game and make other improvements. 

  • How to get candy? 

With the help of catching a certain type of pokemon, you can earn candy, and you should always take this thing into consideration. Well, this resource is often in short supply with rarer monsters. If you want to gain extra candy, then you need to follow some effective tips. All you need to do is to use pinap berries to increase the candy that can be acquired by catching a pokemon. You also need to focus on the aspect of trading that helps to earn extra candy for free. You should trade pokemon with your friends, and it helps to get extra candy. 

  • Benefits of having friends 

If you are playing Pokemon Go, then you need to understand the importance of having friends. All you need to do is to add other players to your friend’s list, and it helps players to enjoy several perks. Whenever you send a gift to your friend, you will be rewarded with XP. If you receive a gift, then you can receive various items including stardust, pokeballs and hatchable eggs. You should also work on your friendship level to increase it so that you can get other bonuses. Every time, you reach the new tier of friendship with your friends, you will be provided with a significant chunk of XP. 

  • Special events 

Players should also track the community days and special events to grab amazing rewards. Usually, the game offers some special events every few weeks. You don’t need to be in a specific location to take part in these events. When you participate in these events, you will be rewarded with amazing bonuses which are hard to ignore. Well, the game also holds a community day which also offers several rewards for players. Players should make use of pokemon go cp calculator in order to predict the final power-up cost of the pokemon at any stage. 

With the help of all the above-mentioned tips and tricks, beginners can play the game better. Players should also take part in raid battles in order to grab the amazing rewards and bonuses. Make sure you are also paying attention to the battles in order to be a winner.