Pokemon Go- Play Safe with Enjoyment Galore

Childhood is considered to be the best phase of life and yes, there is so much truth in such a simple statement that it cannot be argued by even the staunchest of critics who do so just for the sake of it.

There are many memories that you might be having like the time spent with family, going to school, hanging out with friends, doing homework and the most important of all, playing outdoor and indoor games.

It is impossible not to mention about video games when it comes to childhood memories when super Mario, Contra, Dave the Hunter and many others used to make our day and they bring in such powerful waves of nostalgia that bring a lump to every throat and a tear in every eye, something that only an 80s or 90s generation person can understand.

Gaming it Out

Now we come to the new millennial kids who might not have gotten to enjoy the aforementioned games, they did have some new ones to look forward to like Pokemon, which became a craze for all the kids on the block that spread all over the world.

There wasn’t a single kid at the time that did not have Pokemon games in their household which they enjoyed immensely and so much so that they forgot about other games that were prevalent at the time.

This shows the massive popularity and hysteria that Pokemon Go evoked and the credit goes to its makers who had sensed that the new millennium meant new beginnings and therefore Pokemon became a phenomenon not only in the gaming field but a popular cartoon show as well.

Children would come back home from school and wouldn’t even wait to finish their lunch that they would grab their joystick and get going on the Ps4 or Xbox 360, calling over friends as well for good measure and all of them would have a gala time for a few hours.

How to Play

As the cartoon show came out first and became no 1 among others, they could understand the characters better when they came in their video game versions but the problem was that they weren’t too familiar with the gaming process.

Therefore, we are going to talk about some important points on how to play Pokemon Go so as to be clear on this count, which are as follows:

  • The first step is to understand all the terms used to address the characters and situations like for example Pokeballs are containers used to store the captured pokemons and build a team from them and the items used for playing are stored in Pokestops, etc.
  • AR Mode is important but it becomes difficult to catch the Pokemons within reach so turn it off before tailing them
  • Create a Pokemon go account so that you are officially registered to play anytime at will without any problems
  • The cartoons always have characters mouthing the line ‘Gotta catch them all’ so always capture as much as you can and get rid of the useless ones